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Israel by foot with Jan-shai Deniz

Deep Desert Journey

Spectacular 4 day's journey

In the heart of the Desert

A spectacular 4 days journey in the heart of the Israeli Desert. We offer a multiday Trek along the epic Israel national trail and other unique and ancient routes. The participants will hike through the most beautiful scenery in the desert: Hidden magical Oasis (where you can even enjoy swimming), a “Genesis land scape”, astonishing geological phenomenon’s )the big Ramon Crater), archaeological ruins of ancient cultures and close acquaintance with the special plants and wild life of the desert. You can even reach down to the Red Sea in the Gulf of Eilat if you choose the most southern itinerary.
The tours are guided by a desert-outdoor specialist and licensed tour guide: Jan-shai Deniz. Jan-shai, who lives and breathes the desert, will make it the ultimate experience you will never forget. Guiding Languages: German, Swiss German, English (Hebrew and Arabic).

There are multiple tour options and there is a route for every level of difficulty preferred. Further Information, description and pictures of each specific tour can be provided.


3 different route options in the Negev Desert

*(→distance ↑total ascent ↓total descent)

The big East Ramon Travers

Israel National Trail – Moderate version

One of the most beautiful segments on the southern part of the Israel National Trail. This route is connecting two geographical regions of Israel. From Moshav Sapir down in the Arava Rift Valley (the eastern border of Israel), up to the highest point of the Negev Highland at Machtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater). In between those two points lies a vast, untouched and wild area named the Eastern Ramon.

Day 1 – Moshav Sapir to Vadi Tzvira (→10 km. ↑350m ↓250m).

Day 2 – Vadi Tzvira to Holit water cistern (→10 km. ↑300m ↓250m).

Day 3 – Holit water cistern – Machtesh Ramon (→15 km. ↑750m ↓450m).

Day 4 – Inside Machtesh Ramon: Ardon Mt. or the “Nekaron Horse Shoe” (→15 km ↑400m ↓400m).


*Night 3 is in the nature park’s Camping Area at Machtesh Ramon that includes hot shower and WC facilities’ (Additional cost of 15 EUR).

Zin wadi (valley)

Starting at David Ben Gurion burial place, near Kibbutz Sde Boker, which is the ultimate view point to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Zin wadi (valley). You will then go on a 4 days journey through a magnificent desert scenery, on a route that will take you from one oasis to another. A dramatic mountainous desert which reveals its magical secrets only to those who go out and explore it… by foot!

Day 1 – Midreshet Ben Gurion –  Wadi Tsaror cistern (→10 km. ↑125m ↓250m).

Day 2 – Ein Shaviv Oasis – Ein Akev Oasis  (→16 km. ↑450m ↓450m)

Day 3 – Mt Akev climb for sunrise (optional) – Lower Ein Akev Oasis (→13 km. ↑550m ↓500m)

Day 4 – Wadi Khavarim – Ein Avdat canyon and the Nabatean ancient city of Avdat (or the Petroglyph route of Mt Arkov) (→10 km. ↑350m ↓125m)


*Day 4 Includes a visit in 2 special National Parks – The Oasis of Avdat canyon and the Nabatean ancient city of Avdat (Additional cost of 15 EUR). 

The Zin valley Oasis route

From the big Granite Mountains of Eilat to the Red Sea

The Gulf of Aqaba

This special Trek will take us through the big dramatic Granite Mountains of Eilat. These mountains lay high above the Arava Rift Valley, over looking the western part of Jordan and extend south along the Red Sea at the Gulf of Eilat and Aqaba. The route combines a mountainous desert, totally different in sight and feeling from the other parts in the Negev. This tour will literally end up by jumping in to the refreshing waters of the Red Sea and enjoying snorkeling at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat.
*Entrance fee to the Coral Reef Nature Reserve (Additional cost of 15 EUR).

Day 1 – Yoheved Hill – Wadi Amir  (→7 km. ↑250m ↓400m).

Day 2 – Shehoret Canyon – Mt Yehoram (→11 km. ↑900m ↓450m).

Day 3 – The Gishron Cliffs – Wadi Shlomo (→13 km. ↑450m ↓950m).

Day 4 – Mt Zefahot and Border triangle – Red Sea Coral Reef (→5 km ↑250m ↓300m).


Price: ----- EUR per person

Number of participants: 30 – 40 PP (Minimum 30 participants)


  • Bus from Tel Aviv to the Negev (Around 20-25 EUR one way, per person, depends on destination).
  • Entrance fee for National parks and facilitated camping sites (Around 15 EUR PP. Please see details under every suggested route).
  • Hotel in Eilat – for the Red Sea option (around 80 EUR per person in a double room according to the prices in March 2020).
  • Personal Travel insurance – obligatory.
  • All additional requests are subject to prices of service providers.


  • Fully equipped, logistical outdoor support. Operated by 4×4 truck & trailer.
  • A professional and kind camp staff that will take care of all essential needs.
  • The participants night bags will be transferred from camp to camp (hiking only with a day pack).
  • Drinking water.
  • Cooking together rich and delicious meals every evening (Vegetarian meals available by request). Breakfast and lunch will be packed for picnic on the way. Café, Tee and cookies free all time. Hot soup will be served every day on arrival to camp.
  • One double tent for every 2 participants (participants can also bring their own tent).
  • One comfortable sleeping mat for every person. *(participants need to bring their own sleeping bag).
  • A silent generator for camp lights during cooking time and a charging station for personal mobiles and cameras.
  • Professional Paramedic 24\7.
  • Professional Guiding: a Swiss-Israeli outdoor specialist and licensed tour guide Jan-shai Deniz. Guiding Languages: German, Swiss German, English (Hebrew and Arabic).

About Jan-shai Deniz

My name is Jan-Shai Deniz, I am the founder and manager of Global Trekking.
I am a Geographer, an Explorer, a curious Adventurer and a man of people. A trip to a place where I have not yet set foot in, as well as returning to such a newly discovered place together with my travelers, gives me great joy.
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"Super organized hike with very good logistics and cooking team. Great, very experienced and very professional and always "set up" guide and security man (Para Medics). Very good and comprehensive packing list".

What Our Trekkers Say

"Super organized hike with very good logistics and cooking team.
Great, very experienced and very professional and always "set up" guide and security man (Para Medics).
Very good and comprehensive packing list".
"The hiking tour is over. We are also happy at home again landed. It was really a wonderful time - from strangers to "Desert Lovers". We enjoyed it very much.
Jan-Shai was a great, dedicated guide. He has Esprit sprays, his "lectures" were informative, with a lot of knowledge enriched. Many thanks for all the organization!
Shalom Jan-Shai,
Thank you for your guided tour! Three weeks after our desert tour I am still full of joy, full of peace and serenity.
I wish you much strength for your everyday life and your dreams.
Shalom and Lehitraot.

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Israel by foot with Jan-shai Deniz


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